Music Conference 2022

Vill Vill Vest and Brak are pleased to invite you to this year's music conference 01.-02. September 2022, as well as networking events (including the legendary boat trip) Saturday 03. September.

The main theme is:

Teen spirit
Young consumers. Young content creators. Endless opportunities to get your message and product across with just a touch on your phone. One would assume this is a young person's game - so why are big tech and the almighty conglomerates still the big winners when the financial pie is divided?

If the rise of blockchain, social media and a full blown digitalization of the music business won’t bring the power and the money back to the creators - what ever will?

Full program to be released

Speakers Program Delegatpass
MAL 4 pers Buzz presenterer: Hvordan lage 6 x 45 minutter musikk MAL 4 pers 3 Fanget i feeden Konferanse CMU 220630 content CMU presents: Creating Great Content On A Budget Konferanse CMU 220630 CMU presents: Diversifying Digital - Where Does Web3 Fit In? MAL 1 3 Crescat inviterer: Hvordan bygge din merkevare som kulturarrangør Demo Musikkontoret presenterer: Demosession NKA NKA presents: How to sell tickets when people don't know what they're listening to Vvv22 cmupresents 1 220621 CMU presents: Platform Responsibility & Cancel Culture MAL 1 2 CMU presents: The Digital Dollar Debates Vvv22 teenspirit 1x1 220603 Teen spirit - meet the consumers MAL 4 pers Chartmetric: a peak behind the digital curtain MAL 1 Teen spirit keynote: Big tech might not get you rich. But your fans might.