Chartmetric: a peak behind the digital curtain

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What data do you get from playing concerts, releasing music, posting a video on TikTok or Youtube? And how can you benefit from this information?

We have teamed up with music data analyst Chartmetric to find the answer.

Since April Chartmetric have been monitoring data for Michelle Ullestad, Metteson and Slomosa, and given them pointers on how to maximize online momentum and work with cross platform strategies. Michelle Yuen from Chartmetric will walk us through the project and give us a peak behind the digital curtain.


Michelle Yuen
Michelle studied psychology, mental health and entertainment business at NYU before starting at Chartmetric as a Business Intelligence Analyst. She is passionate about developing the intersection of music and data on a global cross-cultural scale and is also keen on empowering the next generation in music. Aside from analyzing data, determining insights, and consulting on trends, Michelle helps strengthen customer relationships and develop academic and industry partnerships. Currently based in Amsterdam, she’s previously lived in New York, Singapore, and Shanghai.

Mathilde Orlien - for Michelle Ullestad
Mathilde Orlien is 29 years old from the small western village of Volda, living in Bergen. Since 2020 she’s been involved in starting and developing the record label GEMS together with Ruben Nesse (Brilliance) and Geir Luedy (MADE), and are today CEO in GEMS working with artist development, release planning and creative marketing for artists such as Hedda Mae, Michelle Ullestad, Mia Berg, Bård Berg, iris, ur Monarch etc. She is also manager for Michelle Ullestad and producer Bjørn Helge Gammelsæter. On the side she also engaged in the board of Bergen’s jazz festival «Nattjazz», along with freelancing within production and as producer manager.

Joar Nicolaysen - for Metteson
Joar is currently running Kulturhuset i Bergen, a house with three venues, four bars and a restaurant. He ran a typical Bergen indie label called Eget Selskap for many years. Some years later he started label and management LEKK, together with Matias Tellez, Marius Lie and Vetle Junker. After talking to Metteson for the first time in 2018, they ended up working together in 2019, and Nicolaysen is now main manager in the project.

Benjamin Berdous - for Slomosa
Benjamin is the lead singer and guitarist of Slomosa. Hailing from the west of Norway, the four-piece Slomosa has been making waves across borders. With their heavy sound the band coined their own genre - Tundra Rock - inspired by the American Desert scenes of the '90s. Slomosa is fresh off the road from a massive European tour.