Teen spirit keynote: Big tech might not get you rich. But your fans might.


The financial relationship between artists, middlemen and fans has changed significantly over the last 25 years. Most artists starting out today are struggling to find ways to make a living with their music + most fingers are pointed at the major labels and tech platforms. But, truth is, consumers led us here through piracy, and we’re finally to a point where music, as a whole, is making more than it did before we moved online. But we have more artists to pay and more ways to split the money. And all this doesn’t mean you seeing any more of it - so perhaps we need to rethink how we bring people into our worlds, convert them into fans, and what we could put on our shelves to buy once they get there.

Keynote by:

Josh Greenberg
Driven by an insatiable appetite to discover, create and change culture, J/G has built a diverse quiver of resources throughout his career development, education, relationship management and entrepreneurial hustle. He has been trusted to help grow and steer the musical interests for some of the most iconic and innovative brands of all time, in Red Bull’s music efforts (2001-2015) and Spotify (2016-2018), during critical periods in their evolution - developing a reputation as an “innovator” and “futurist“.

His early foundation came from end-to-end music artistry and management: overseeing the creation, production, performance, promotion and presentation of art as brand and business; both his own and those who have trusted him to help them along the way. Applying that foundation, he’s won hearts and minds by authentically balancing the intersection of artistic expression and commercial interest through the lens of creative brand and business strategy. Now, he extends his experience, network and service to partners across the entire music value chain with his creative strategy consultancy, Green Mountain Lodge and teaches Music Management Marketing and Communications @ Denmark’s National Rhythmic Music Conservatory.